Source: Asia Gaming Brief

There is an imbalance, limited consensus and lack of sustainable development within Macau’s tourism and casino industry, an academic from Macau University wrote in an analysis published this month.

Glenn McCartney, assistant professor in gaming at the University of Macau, whose findings have been published in the international tourism journal Emerald Insight says to reverse Macau’s year-long revenue declines several factors need to be practically addressed and tourism direction managed in a more sustainable manner.

“Despite generating the world’s largest gaming revenues and tourism revenue contribution to gross domestic product, there are limited codes of ethics and an agreed level of acceptable behaviour and responsibility throughout Macao’s tourism and hospitality industry.”

“This is further amplified by Macao’s small landmass, limited workforce pool, increasing tourism arrivals and a vast dependency on imports, creating a constant battle for resources and added pressure on its community and natural environment.”