The glittering titles and experiences of Bill, WANG Zhi Bo, an undergraduate student in the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management (IRTM), have shaped his colorful campus life. “Do not limit yourself and move forward,” he correctly interprets his college studies. Moreover, he has gotten offers from prestigious institutions such as University College London, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Melbourne as graduation season approaches.

Bill WANG considers travel to be a personal passion, and IRTM was his ideal programme, where he met professors with worldwide perspectives and students from diverse cultural backgrounds. When asked about his experience with the IRTM courses, Bill stated that the curriculum is unique and practical and that students may not only receive information from the lectures but also participate in industry talks and integrated resort tours to learn on-site. At the same time, the rich curriculum of multidisciplinary fields and the high reputation of the School of Business Administration’s “triple-accredited” might boost his competitiveness when applying for internships as well as further degrees.

What impressed him the most was a final assignment in the course “Festival and Event Management”. As the chairman of the Planning Committee, Bill was responsible for bringing the whole class together to organize an alumni activity for IRTM. The event was eventually conducted successfully after four months of brainstorming and intensive preparation with all the students in class. They got to know each other better and improved their communication skills, multitasking ability, and holistic mindset.

In addition to professional courses, Bill’s broad learning life has been impacted by the University of Macau’s comprehensive curriculum. The choice of Visual and Performing Arts – Dance / Drama was born out of Bill’s love of art. He also improves his data processing skills with the Quantitative Reasoning for Business course, his academic writing skills with the Academic English course, and his command of numerous foreign languages with the German and Portuguese courses. Internship project is a compulsory component of the IRTM programme. During his internship, Bill worked at the Digital Marketing Department of Wynn Resorts (Macau), where he was involved in the filming of hotel promotional films in addition to his daily tasks. His wonderful experience helped him understand his potential and boosted his desire to explore the world.

Bill feels that the most essential thing in the ensuing master’s application process is to pursue his own thoughts and future planning, as well as to uncover his interests while selecting a major. At the same time, students should retain a positive attitude and make flexible use of the resources available to them, such as alumni with applying experience, the “Resume Clinic” of the Career Development Center, and so on.

“Actively participate in exchange programs or competitions to meet outstanding peers”; “Balance study and life while taking each step steadily”; “Maintain your independent personality, plan wisely, and gradually improve your executive ability” is Bill’s motto in UM, and it may also serve as a guide for your campus life.

Photos source: Photos courtesy of the interviewee