On April 19, Ms. Betty CHANG, Assistant Director of Event Promotion and Entertainment Planning of the Brand Development and Marketing Department, was invited to be the keynote speaker in the class of Assistant Prof. Huiling HUANG, and gave a lecture entitled “How resort marketing team assist to build tourism destination in Macao after COVID?” to the undergraduates of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management.

During the lecture, Ms. Betty CHANG first shared her rich marketing experience, then she introduced how to develop Macao tourism through the new agreement of extending gaming licenses,  marketing and promotion in tourism destination and integrated resort marketing structure. Next, Ms. Betty CHANG led the students to conduct a group discussion on the topic “To complete the mission from government”. Finally, there was the Q&A session, in which the students actively participated.

After the lecture, Assistant Professor Huiling HUANG of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management awarded certificates to the lecture guest and invited the students to take a group photo. In this lecture, Ms. Betty CHANG introduced the marketing strategies of Macao integrated resort  from multiple perspectives. The students learned a lot, and also deepened their understanding of the application examples of event promotion and entertainment planning.