FBA Lecture Series: “The Interplay of Ad Headline-Keyword Congruence and Ad Position in Consumers’ Responses to Search Advertisements and Promotion” was hosted by Prof. Soey LEI on April 26, 2024 and Prof. Daniel LEUNG, Associate Professor in School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to deliver the seminar.

Daniel Leung is an Associate Professor at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In the seminar, Prof. Daniel Leung elaborated on the key point his team found in their research: personalizing an ad headline to make it congruent with consumers’ search keywords can significantly increase consumers’ acceptance of ad content and brand awareness. Additionally, he further shared a series of empirical research cases to demonstrate how appropriate ad placement can increase consumer attention and hence advertising effectiveness.

The seminar not only provided a new perspective on the development of marketing for the attendees, but also brought new insights for those who are interested in entering the hospitality and tourism industry in the field of marketing. The results of this research will play an important role in future advertising practices, helping companies to reach and convert their target consumers more effectively.