Senior students of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management’s Gaming Management programme, under the supervision of Associate Professor Rose Xiaoming LIU, were given the challenging task of designing a table game that would be fun and engaging, and at the same time profitable for the casino. During the project roadshow, the students presented their innovative work and attracted the attention of many other students.

The course is unique in that it requires students not only to understand the basics of the gaming industry, but also to apply the theories they have learnt to create games with marketable potential through a practical design and development process. In this process, students need to consider the attractiveness, entertainment and profitability of the game. At the activity site, the students’ game designs were all unique, showing their in-depth understanding of the gaming industry and their unique innovative thinking.

By using this practical activity as their graduation project, students can not only better understand and apply what they have learnt in the class, but also enhance their innovative thinking and teamwork ability. This is undoubtedly very beneficial to their future development in the gaming industry or related fields.