FBA is tasked with an important mission of developing local and international leadership talent, and is recognized as a flagship business school in Macao and nearby area. The Faculty strives to achieve research excellence by producing quality research and making impact to the business community.

FBA consists of four departments with 101 academic staff: Department of Accounting and Information Management (AIM), Department of Finance and Business Economics (FBE), Department of Management and Marketing (DMM), and Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management (DRTM) . There are three research centers: Business Research and Training Center (BRTC), Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (ISCG) and Centre for Tourism and Integrated Resort Studies (CTIRS).

Currently, the research of FBA focuses on the following domains:

  • Business and Management Innovation which aims at applying new technology or developing new scientific methodology to the business world, such as application of data mining and block chain mechanism in operations management and food supply chains, developing new methodology to portfolio optimization based on statistical frontier techniques, etc. More than 15 research papers in ABS4/4* ranked journals and 40 research papers in ABS3 ranked journals have been published, including Management Science, Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, etc.
  • Featured Finance which includes wealth management, financial leasing, issuance and trading of bonds denominated in RMB in Macao (e.g. lotus bonds), RMB settlement for trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, green finance, the implication of featured finance to Macao economy and Greater Bay Area, and the influence of Fintech on the financial market structure and firm operations. Nearly 40 research papers have been published in ABS3/4 ranked journals such as Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Management Science and Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, etc.
  • Sustainable Development in Smart tourism, Integrated Resort and Tourism Industry. Being the most important pillar of the Macao economy, the tourism industry has been enjoying high growth. Smart tourism and the integrated resorts have brought multiple employment opportunities to local residents. The Faculty contributes actively to the sustainable development of Macao tourism industry. Indeed, more than 30 papers in ABS4 ranked journals and more than 40 papers in ABS3 ranked journals have been published, such as Annals of tourism research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management etc.
  • Responsible Gaming (RG). Since 2009, Macao SAR Government has been promoting responsible gambling jointly with all local gaming operators, gambling disorder prevention and treatment centers, educational institutions, and the local community. After more than ten years of focused work on the issue, the RG awareness rate is over 60%, and the prevalence rate of gambling disorder has also been well controlled recording under 1% among local residents. More than 10 papers have been published in ABS3/4 ranked journals such as Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, etc.

The above research domains help the faculty to develop its uniqueness in areas such as accounting and finance, integrated resort, tourism and gaming industries, and thereby creating core competitiveness. Besides the above mentioned papers, there are more 40 papers in ABS4/4* ranked journals and 70 papers in ABS3 ranked journals published in the traditional research areas such as accounting, finance, management and marketing, for example,  Accounting Organizations and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of Consumer Psychology etc.

On the other hand, FBA has also actively participated in research related to the local community. Besides academic research, our faculty members are also active in practice-oriented research and consultancy projects from local industries as well as the government. The research output is highly relevant to the development of traditional industries and promotion of economic diversification, and creates significant impact on the business community and local society. Moreover, FBA regularly conducts seminars within the faculty in different disciplines to share expert knowledge, build up networking, and renew motivation. We also organized international research conferences and forums such as the World Accounting Frontiers Series (WAFS), the Seventh POMS-HK International Conference (POMS-HK), and the 5th World Business Ethics Forum (WBEF) etc. These activities create an atmosphere for colleagues and PhD students to meet regularly and exchange ideas.

FBA is strengthening the cooperation with many universities in the world. We have established partnership with top universities, such as University of Washington, Sun Yat-Sen University and Zhejiang University etc. The co-authors/collaborators of our colleagues have formed a big international research network, for example, Deakin University, University of Manitoba, Texas A&M University, National University of Singapore and Hong Kong Polytechnic University etc.