Faculty of Business Administration

Visiting Scholar Seminar

Managerial Multi-tasking, Team Diversity, and Mutual Fund Performance


Dr. Joseph Si ZHOU

Associate Professor of Finance, Deputy Head of the Department of Finance, Shanghai University


Date:              21 November, 2019 (Thursday)
Time:             10:00~11:30
Venue:           E22-2013


We examine the impact of multi-tasking teams on fund performance. We find that, while managerial multi-tasking has a negative impact on fund performance, teamwork can mitigate the adverse effect associated with managerial multi-tasking, which is indicative of superior performance of funds managed by multi-tasking teams. More importantly, it is the characteristics of the multitasking team that contributes to these superior results, which can be attributed to network cognitive diversity, suggesting that extended networks, facilitated by indirectly-connected managers via local teammates, can largely enhance the scale of cognitive diversity and thus generate significant gains through information pooling and integration. We also empirically exploit possible mechanisms for the performance effect of network cognitive diversity.


Dr Si ZHOU is an associate professor of finance and deputy head of the finance department at Shanghai University. He received his PhD in finance from Durham University and Master of Science from the same university. Before joining Shanghai University, he was an assistant professor at University of Southampton and a research fellow at University of Aberdeen. His main research interest lies on empirical corporate finance, and mutual fund performance evaluation and managerial structure. Dr ZHOU published papers in journals such as Journal of Empirical Finance, Applied Economic Letters, China and World Economy and etc. He received the Young Eastern Scholar Award from the Shanghai municipal government.