Faculty of Business Administration
Visiting Scholar Seminar


Disclosure and Cost of Equity Capital Revisited

Prof. LI Jie
Jinan University


Date: 29 November 2021, Monday
Time: 16:30pm – 17:30pm
Venue: E22 – 4069


We consider how industry attributes influence the lobbying outcome concerning the setting of an emission tax. We show that in general, lobbying competition reduces the tax when a policy maker values the contributions from the industry more heavily, as compared with those from the environmentalists. However, for industries where firms have sufficiently large market power, the lobbying process would be asymmetric in that the environmentalists find it more difficult to reach their objectives: although they would need to sufficiently outspend their industry rivals in order to raise the tax, their rivals can roll back the regulation with less money.


Dr. LI Jie is a professor from the Institute of Industrial Economics (Jinan University), and the director for the Institute of Industrial Organization and Regulation. He has recently produced publications in many journals such as China Economic Review, World Economy, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of International Money and Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal etc.