Faculty of Business Administration

Visiting Scholar Seminar


CSR Reporting in the Greater Bay Area: Institutional Environments, Measures and Future Application in Macao

Dr. Jenny Guan
Assistant Professor in Accounting
Macao Institute of Tourism Studies


Date: 18 December 2020 (Friday)
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: E22-2018



How to utilize limited resources, harmonize with the society, as well as care and support to various stakeholders have drawn much attention from the public companies and also become priorities of government bodies and regulatory authorities. Through theoretical framework, academic researches, practical implication and discussions, this workshop aims to introduce the connotation and importance of CSR reporting, the current status of promoting CSR information disclosure in the Greater Bay Area, and its application and future development direction in Macau. Viewing that the neighboring cities in the GBA have already established detailed requirements on CSR disclosures and ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting guidelines, Macau must also take a more active role in contributing towards CSR and various aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Dr. Guan is an Assistant Professor and also an academic coordinator for Hotel Management Programme of Macau Institute for Tourism Studies. She received PhD, MBA and BBA degrees from the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. Previously, she worked for Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM), was responsible for anti-money laundering and terrorist financing in the insurance industry and one of the big-4 accounting firms, providing assurance services to companies from more than 10 different industries, such as retail, tourism, hospitality and gaming sectors. She also has conducted a number of consultancy projects for the Macao government and local associations. From 2013 to 2019, Dr. Guan provided consultancy service to PwC China and China Development Research Foundation for their annual CSR project “City of Opportunities”. Recently, one of her monographs “Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in China: Evolution, drivers and prospects” has been published by Routledge in London and New York.