Faculty of Business Administration

Designing and organizing your paper for publication:The building blocks of empirical papers in management (and allied social sciences)

Prof. David Ahlstrom
Professor, Department of Management
CUHK Business School
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


This talk and accompanying materials will provide the participants with a basic list of items that many standard empirical papers require, and will highlight some common and fixable problems that reoccur in many manuscript submissions to journals in management and allied areas. The talk will also provide corresponding suggestions and solutions such that authors can turn good research into good papers that have an improved chance of publication.

This talk is a conceptual study on publishing, though it draws heavily on the author’s experience as an editor of major management journals and their past work on paper organization and research design. A number of helpful resources for authors have also been provided from the academic literature – both journals and books – so that this paper can be a helpful resource to authors in organizing and preparing their work to submit to an appropriate journal.

This can help authors in the construction of paper, its organization, and the checking if its aims and scope fit with the target journal.

Special emphasis will be given to the paper’s introduction and its fit with the target journal. Editors report that many papers are rejected because of poor or confusing introductions, and weak contributions.

This work seeks to be complementary to other works on methods and research design in that it helps authors with the important step of organizing their papers to turn good research into good manuscripts with a better chance of publication.

Date: November 5, 2014 (Wednesday)

Time: 14:30~17:00

Venue: Faculty of Business Administration, E22-3002

A Short Biography of Prof. David Ahlstrom
He obtained his PhD in Management and International Business after working for nearly a decade in government and industry, including several years in the data communications field. His research interests include managing in Asia, innovation and entrepreneurship, decision-making, and management and organizational history. Professor Ahlstrom has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as the Strategic Management Journal,Academy of Management ReviewJournal of International Business StudiesAcademy of Management PerspectivesJournal of Management History, and Journal of Business Venturing. His work has also appeared multiple times in The Wall Street Journal. Professor Ahlstrom co-authored the textbook International Management: Strategy and Culture in the Emerging World and guest edited two Special Issues ofEntrepreneurship: Theory & Practice. Professor Ahlstrom also guest edited two Special Issues of Asia Pacific Journal of Management: Turnaround in Asia (in 2004) and Managing in Ethnic Chinese Communities (in 2010), and was Senior Editor of APJM 2007–2009, before serving as Editor-in-Chief from 2010–2012. Professor Ahlstrom is currently International Editor of Journal of World Business.