Faculty of Business Administration


Multiple intelligence and expatriate effectiveness: The mediating roles of cross-cultural adjustment


Jane Terpstra Tong

School of Business

Monash University Malaysia Campus




Drawing on the theory of multiple intelligences, the theory of work adjustment and the framework of international adjustment, we examined the mediating effects of three cross-cultural adjustment (CCA) dimensions (general, interaction and work adjustment) on the relationships between three intelligences (cultural, emotional and political) and three expatriate outcomes (task performance, premature return intention and psychological well-being). A total of 237 expatriates were assessed. In our nine-factor model, we found that work adjustment had the most mediating effects on the relationships between the three intelligences and expatriate outcomes, while interaction adjustment had no mediating effect. General adjustment mediated the relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and premature return, and between EQ and work adjustment. Of the three intelligences, EQ had indirect effects on all three expatriate outcomes, while cultural and political intelligences each had indirect effects on task performance and psychological well-being. Our study is one of the first to examine the impact of three interpersonal, malleable intelligences and the separate mediating effects of CCA dimensions on multiple expatriate outcomes in a single model. Both theoretical and practical implications of multiple intelligences and CCA are discussed.

Date:          August 14, 2019 (Wednesday)

Time:         11:00~12:30

Venue:       E22-2007


Research Discussion

You are also welcome to meet with Prof. Jane Terpstra Tong for research discussion in the following time slot and venue.

Date:          August 14, 2019 (Wednesday)

Time:         15:30~18:00

Venue:       E22-2046


Prof. Jane Terpstra Tong is an Associate Professor at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia Campus. She received an MBA and a bachelor degree in government and public administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a PhD in management from The University of Manchester, U.K. Jane’s research interests center on cross-cultural management, organizational behavior and expatriate studies. Her research key word is diversity. She has been publishing papers on cultural diversity and gender diversity. Her research publications appear in top-tier international journals, including Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal and Journal of Business Ethics. She has also served as a consultant and a trainer for MNCs on strategy and people management.  Prior to joining Monash, she taught at the University of Macao for 12 years.