Faculty of Business Administration
FBA Distinguished Scholar Seminar
Organised by The Business Research and Training Center


The Need for Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times

Presented by Professor Chris ROWLEY
Kellogg College, University of Oxford

Date:       Wednesday, 4 May 2022
Time:     4:00 pm
Format:   Online via Zoom
Deadline for Registration: 28/04/2022



We make a simple assumption – that leadership – individual and organisational matters. This is even more so in uncertain times because first, it makes a difference as actions have impacts on organisations, employees, customers and societies. Second, many of us will lead people and teams and be led. Uncertainty itself has various terms, meanings and acceptability, which are delineated. In terms of effective leadership, some cases, types and styles are presented. Key factors impacting on effective leaders are detailed with a focus on skills and their type, evolution and implications. We conclude that different leadership styles may be more or less appropriate in uncertain times and note the implications.


Professor Chris Rowley holds concurrent academic appointments at University of Oxford, City University of London, Tohoku University and University of Business & International Studies. He is the Co-editor of Asia Pacific Business Review and his publications appear in many reputable journals, including Journal of World Business, Human Relations, British Journal of Management, Human Resource Management and Others.