Senior Instructor in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Ph.D. in Faculty of Management and Administration (Information Systems), Macao University of Science and Technology , Macau, 2003
  • Master in Business Administration, Asia International Open University , Macau, 1998
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Business Information Systems), University of Macau, Macau, 1996
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Internet, Business and Society (GEST005)
    • Database Management (ACIS310)
    • Contemporary Information Systems for Organizations (EBIS112)
    • Introduction to computing (CBIS100)
    • Business Computer Applications and Programming (CBIS112)
    • Data, File, Object Structures and Algorithms (CBIS212)
    • Information Management Concepts (CBIS250)
    • Information Management Applications (CBIS251)
    • Database Management I (CBIS343)
    • Database Management II (CBIS344)
    • System Analysis (CBIS350)
    • System Design (CBIS351)
  • Software Engineering
  • Electronic Commerce
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  2. Book contributor(chapter summary), Modern System Analysis and Design, 8 edition, Pearson, 2016
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