Assistant Professor in Finance
  • Ph.D. in Finance, The University of Hong Kong, 2022
  • B.Eng. in Communication Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, 2011
  • Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Finance and Business Economics, University of Macau (Dec 2022 – present)
  • FinTech Product Manager, Tencent (2014 – 2017)
  • Wireless Network Engineer, Huawei (2011 – 2013)
  • Financial Technology
  • Digital Economy
  • Household Economics and Finance
  • Social Finance
  1. Debtors at Play: Gaming Behavior and Consumer Credit Risk (with Ross Levine, Chen Lin, and Wensi Xie. forthcoming at Management Science)
  1. Health Risk Spillovers in Insurance Markets: Theory and Estimation (with Chen Lin and Jian Zhang)
  2. Digital Payment, Credit Risk, and Algorithmic Underwriting (with Chen Lin, Ye Luo, and Wensi Xie)
  1. Hierarchy of Financing Sources and Household Consumption: Theory and Evidence
  2. Equity Market Movements and Investor Consumption Behavior: High-frequency Evidence
  3. Social Network and Individual Philanthropy
  4. Intra-Household Bargaining Power and Hand-to-Mouth Behavior
  5. Interest Footprint and Consumer Credit Risk: A Semantic Analysis Approach
  • FINC7060 Topics in Data Analytics and Financial Technology (Postgraduate Level)
  • FINC7035 Financial Risk Management (Postgraduate Level)
  • FINC2003 Corporate Finance (Undergraduate Level)