Assistant Professor in Accounting
  • PhD degree in Accounting, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor and Master in Financial Management, Renmin University of China
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau (2022-present)
  • Lecturer, Beijing Normal University (2019 – 2022)
  • Senior Associate, CITICS securities (2011-2014)
  • Associate, China Life (2008-2011)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate disclosure, corporate governance and capital markets
  1. National Culture and Analysts’ Forecasting Behavior, with Ying Cao and George Yong Yang, Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming, ABS4
  2. The Informativeness of Regional GDP Announcements: Evidence from China – with Guanmin Liao, Wenhong Ding and Wei Guan, (67) 78-99, 2022, Journal of Empirical Finance,  ABS3
  3. Analyst forecasting during COVID-19 pandemic with Jing Xue, Belinda Yau and Chunqiu Zhang, 2022, Managerial Auditing Journal, published online, ABS2
  4. The Coverage of Investor-paid Rating Agency and Audit Pricing with Yue Xu, Qiankun Gu and Kang Wang, (58) 3454-3472, 2022, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Forthcoming, SSCI
  1. Beyond Performance: The Financial Education Role of Robo-Advising, with Conghui Hu, Xin Xu and Peter Zhang, NBER 2022