Assistant Professor in Finance
Faculty of Business Administration
  • Ph.D. in Finance, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2013
  • Assistant Professor in Finance, National Taiwan University, 2017-2018
  • Post-doc Fellow, University of Hong Kong, 2013-2017
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Financial Modeling (FINC4009)
    • Graduation Project on Applied Finance (FINC4011)
    • Honours Project (HONR4000)
  • Graduate Courses
    • Research Method (FINC753)
    • Financial Risk Management (FINC7035)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Information Dynamics in Financial Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Short Selling
  • Option Trading
  1. Sandy Lai , Chen Lin , Xiaorong Ma (2023), RegTech Adoption and the Cost of Capital, Management Science, Forthcoming (ABS4*, FT50, UTD)
  2. Andreas Karathanasopoulos, Chia Chun Lo, Xiaorong Ma, Zhenjiang Qin (2021), Maintaining cost and ruin probability, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol 57, pages 759–793 (ABS3)
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  1. Stock Price Crashes and Equity Lending Market Condition: Evidence from Lending Fees and Fee Risk with Eric C. Chang and Tse-Chun Lin, presented at The European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (ESSFM) and FMA 2020 (Semi-finalist)
  2. The Tradeoff between Risk Sharing and Information Production in Financial Markets: Evidence from Stock Splits with Eric C. Chang and Tse-Chun Lin, presented at CICF, and World Finance & Banking Symposium
  1. The Effect of Stock Market Indexing on Option Market Quality with Eric C. Chang, Li Ge, and Tse-Chun Lin