Distinguished Professor in Accounting
Programme Coordinator of MSc in Accounting
  • PhD (Business administration), Duke University, 2013
  • 2013 – 2023: Queen’s University (on leave currently)
  • Empirical capital market research
  • Corporate information disclosure
  • Empirical asset pricing
  1. The effects of anticipated future investments on firm values: Evidence from mergers and acquisitions, June 2016, Review of Accounting Studies, 21:2, 516-558
  2. Earnings management during antidumping investigations in Europe: Sample-wide and cross-sectional evidence, with M. Welker and D. Godsell, May 2017, Journal of Accounting Research, 55:2, 407-457
  3. The effect of auditing on promoting exports: Evidence from private firms in the emerging markets, April 2020, with C.S. Cheng, W. Sun and K. Ye, Management Science, 66:4, 1692-1716
  4. The Impact of revealing auditor partner quality: Evidence from a long panel, December 2020, with C.S.A. Cheng, Y. Xu and K. Wang, Review of Accounting Studies, 25, 1475–1506
  5. Gone with the wind: An externality of earnings pressure, forthcoming, July/August 2021, with Z. Liu, H. Shen, M. Welker and Y. Zhao, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 71:3/4
  6. Measuring Accounting Asset Informativeness, with Q. Chen and K. Schipper, July 2022, The Accounting Review, 97 (4): 209–236
  7. The Productivity Effect of Digital Financial Reporting, 2024, forthcoming with Z. Liu, Review of Accounting Studies
  • Editor: China Journal of Accounting Research
  • Associate Editor: Quarterly Journal of Economics and Management (Peking University)
  • Editorial board: Contemporary Accounting Research (2020 – );
  • Journal of International Accounting Research (2020 – );
  • China Accounting and Finance Review (2019 – 2022; Ad hoc Editor, 2021)
  • The International Journal of Accounting (2022 – )
  • American Accounting Association and Canadian Academic Accounting Association