Prof. Joseph SY-CHANGCO

Assistant Professor in Marketing
Programme Coordinator of Marketing

Faculty of Business Administration
University of Macau, E22
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

Contact Information

Room: E22-2063
Telephone: (853) 8822-4662
E-mail: josephs
  • Ph.D. in Marketing, Aston Business School, Aston University, United Kingdom. 2007
  • MBA, University of the Philippines, Philippines, 1987
  • BBA, Marketing, University of the Philippines, Philippines, 1984
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Consumer Behavior (MKTG306)
    • International Marketing (MKTG410 / MKTG402)
    • Advertising and Promotion Management (MKTG443)
    • International Business (MKTG404)
    • Customer Relationship Managemeent (MKTG430)
  • Postgraduate Courses
    • Global Business (IMBC128)
  • Export Marketing
  • Organizational Learning
  • Consumer Behavior in the Asia Pacific Region
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  • Sachet Marketing, funded by the Research Committee of the University of Macau, 2007, Principal Investigator
  • “Field” and “Habitus”: An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Mobile SMS Communication Patterns Among University Students in China, India, and the Philippines, funded by the Research Committee of the University of Macau, 2008, Principal Investigator
  • Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society
  • Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society
  • U.P. Junior Marketing Association
  • U.P. Junior Finance Association
  • U.P. MBA Alumni Association
  • Hong Kong and Macau Association for European Studies