Associate Professor in Management
  • Ph.D, in Interpersonal Communication, Bangkok University-Ohio University,Thailand-USA
  • MBA, The University of Nottingham,England
  • GDFM, in Financial Management, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore
  • B.Sc in Computer Sc./Information Systems, Deakin University, Australia
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Business Communication I (MGMT202)
    • Business Communication II (MGMT203)
    • Advance Business Communication (MGMT304)
    • Communication Management (MGMT367)
    • Interpersonal and Small Group Communication (COMM102)
    • Research Methods (MGMT3004)
    • Principles of Management (MGMT1000)
    • Business Communications (MGMT2000)
    • Entrepreneurship (GBMT4006)
  • Postgraduate Courses
    • Negotiation Skills (IMBB140)
    • Communication and Presentation Skills (IMBB102)
  • Organizational Communication & Behavior
  • Nonverbal & Computer Mediated Communication
  • Microfinance and small businesses
  • Well being & tourist studies
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