Recently, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) and Sands China Ltd. jointly organized a career talk on campus on the topic of Demystify “the Secret Agency” – Internal Audit. The talk aimed at answering some of the questions and perceptions about the work of internal auditing and letting more people know what the profession really looks like. Participants of the stalk included Ms. Lucia Hoi, Vice President and Chief Internal Auditor, Mr. William Wong, Associate Director and Data Scientist, Ms. Carrie Cheang, Associate Director, Mr. Patrick Cheong, Senior Manager, Mr. Gabriel Ho, Senior Analyst and Ms. Miki Lei, an alumnus of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management, who is currently the internal auditor.

In the talk, the guest speaker first introduced the characteristics and role of the internal audit department. He pointed out that the internal audit department is a department with professionalism, independence and objectivity. Its submission of relevant reports does not need to go through the company’s management and can report directly to the board of directors, which ensures the independence and objectivity of the department.

Then the guest speaker broke the dull impression of internal auditors with the topic of MBTI personality test, letting the attendees understand that internal auditors can have diverse and different personalities and backgrounds. However, the commonality of being an internal auditor is that one needs to have macro thinking as well as soft power to help add value to the company through auditing work, and to find room for enhancement and provide suggestions to the company. In addition, the talk also introduced the professional data analysis team in the department and how they utilize the strength of the team to improve the overall efficiency and quality of work.

The talk provided participants with a better understanding of the work of internal audit, gave them a clearer picture of the soft skills and data analytics required of an internal auditor, as well as expanded new horizons for future consideration of career paths!