1 Application for Summer Exchange Program
Summer Exchange Programme can be offered by:
1. Student Affairs Office (SAO);
2. Global Affairs Office (GAO);
3. On your own.

Useful Information:
– Summer Exchange Programme (SAO) (Link)
– Study Plans and Self Graduation Check (FBA) (Link)

To note:
– Credit transfer is not compulsory
– Summer programme is not for the purpose of transferring credits

Please check on SAO / GAO website
2 Submission of Learning Agreement
Upon submission of application* :
1) Application form (Download Here)
2) Official course outlines/ syllabi/ description provided by Partner School (of all courses listed on the learning agreement)
3) Course Description Form (if item 2 is not available at the moment of application) (Download Here)

Sample for:
– Learning Agreement  (Download Here)
– Course Description Form (Download Here)

* Please check the Guideline for Credit transfer of Summer Exchange Programme before you submit your application (Link).

3rd & 4th week of Apr
3 Application for course exemption
Upon submission of application*** :
1) Course exemption/ waiver form (Download Here)
2) Transcript x 1 photocopy (Please bring along the original copy for verification)
3) Official course description, course syllabus
4) Other relevant supporting of all overseas courses (e.g. student time table and academic calendar for calculation of lecture hours)

Credit transfer limitation
– Maximum 2 3-credit GE courses and 6 credits of exchange elective
– Credit transfer for CM and RE courses are not allowed for Summer programme
– No credit limit on free elective
– Courses listed on the application must match up with the official transcript of Host University and approved learning agreement
– Credits will not be granted if the students failed the overseas course(s)
– Exempted courses will be assigned a grade ‘X’ and will be shown in the transcript of academic record, but will not be counted towards the GPA.

1st Semester – 1st Batch

1st Semester – 2nd Batch

2nd Semester – 1st Batch


Ms. Karen LAU
(853) 8822 4628

Mr. Tochi LEUNG
(853) 8822 4736