Faculty of Business Administration


Data Collection Methodology and Appliance


Mr. Wei GUO and Ms. Shane XIE

Kantar Profiles Hong Kong




The first paper attempts to understand the relationships among tourists’ indigenous ethnic food consumption attributes, consumption value, and epistemic/emotional benefits, and their roles in predicting future behavioral intention. This study uses an attribute–benefit–value–intention (ABVI) model to understand consumption behavior of international tourists concerning local food consumption experiences. The constructs assessed in the study include the attributes and benefits of local food, consumption value, and future intention. The second paper is to propose a model – the hierarchical local food consumption value mapping (HLFCVM) – as a medium to convey the diversity of international tourist culinary perceptions. To test the hypothesis that tourists cultural backgrounds influence the HLFCVM, the researchers compared the mappings that were generated across each of the eight groupings. Japanese and Thai respondents generated unique maps which were simpler in their makeup to those of other cohorts. The third paper is to identify the functions of local food attributes and benefits from local food consumption on satisfaction, behavioral intention, and destination familiarity. The adopted methods used to achieve the objectives were impact-range performance analysis (IRPA) and impact asymmetry analysis (IAA).

Date:          September 19, 2019 (Thursday)

Time:         15:00~17:00

Venue:       E22-2013

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