On 13 May 2024, the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management of FBA and FasterSoft Co. Ltd. jointly held the “AI+ Cultural Tourism” technical exchange meeting. The meeting aims to further promote artificial intelligence technology to empower the cultural and tourism industry, strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and promote the integration of practice and theory.

Prof. Li MIAO, Head of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management and UMDF Professorial Fellow, led a team of professors from the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management, including Professor Anthony Ip Kin WONG, Associate Professor Glenn James MCCARTNEY (Associate Dean for Curriculum and Teaching, Faculty of Business Administration), Associate Professor Amy Siu Ian SO (Associate Dean for International and External Relations, Faculty of Business Administration), Associate Professor Lawrence Hoc Nang FONG, and Associate Professor Yuansi HOU went to FasterSoft Co. Ltd. to participate in the meeting. Together with them, Mr. Shengguang Meng, President of FasterSoft Co. Ltd., Mr. Xibiao Fan, General Manager of Country Garden Go and Hope, Mr. Jian Yu, Chairman of Guangdong Youkeyun Automobile Science & Technology Company Limited, Mr. Yumin Liao, Vice President of FasterSoft Co. Ltd., and Mr. Xindong Chen, Technical Director of FasterSoft Co. Ltd., also participated in the exchange meeting.

Before the exchange meeting, a team of professors from the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management first visited the Tencent Start Innovation Center (Zhuhai) to observe the construction of the base and learn about Tencent’s technological innovations and core products, as well as the operational achievements of the Innovation Center. Afterward, they visited the exhibition hall of FasterSoft Co. Ltd. to learn about the company’s corporate qualifications and honors achieved over the years, and successful cases in the fields of intelligent cultural tourism and rural revitalization.

Hosted by President Shengguang Meng, the meeting took “AI+Cultural Tourism” integration and development as its theme, discussing the application of new technology represented by artificial intelligence and the new opportunities and challenges it brings to the development of cultural tourism industry. Firstly, President Shengguang Meng delivered a welcome speech, expressing a warm welcome to Prof Miao Li and a team of professors. He listed the research and development and achievements of FasterSoft Co. Ltd. in intelligent cultural tourism products over the years, as well as sharing many classic cases and experiences in the industry. Then, Prof Miao Li, as a representative, introduced the research direction and achievements of the professorial team of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management in the tourism industry.

The meeting centered on the discussion of artificial intelligence technology and big data technology empowering new cultural and tourism scenes, new cultural and tourism consumption, and new cultural and tourism businesses. Experts from both sides agreed that big data and artificial intelligence can realize the precision and convenience of cultural tourism services, and that “AI+ Cultural Tourism” has a certain “butterfly effect”, which will generate a series of leaping and integrated industry development opportunities.

The exchange meeting was successfully concluded with warm interactions between experts from both sides. The meeting reached a high degree of agreement on the vision of both sides to promote school-enterprise co-operation, hoping to jointly promote the sustainable development of tourism integration and intelligence in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area through complementing each other’s strengths.