The Cultural Institute (IC) admitted that it will move forward with more plans to revitalize the city’s old neighborhoods. The Chief Executive assumed in May that the gaming operators had already delivered the revitalization projects. However, the urban economic revitalization of these districts raises other issues, namely that of unfair competition, if the business of gaming operators reaches these areas.

Prof. Glenn McCartney, Associate Dean (Curriculum and Teaching) and Associate Professor in Integrated Resort and Tourism Management stated in the interview with PLATAFORMA, there may be a balance point. “I’m not sure about the details of the revitalization, or what level of presence the dealerships will have–for example, whether they will have outlets/retail stores, brand presence. I think the concept is to revitalize small (family) businesses, improve visitor access (crosswalks), highlight Macau’s distinct cultural characteristics.”

Prof. Glenn McCartney noted that it is important to maintain the historic character. It is also important that policies support, for example, income and the development of the night-time economy (extended opening hours, stalls, entertainment). He said “I believe that if this vision, balance and neighborhood management policy are maintained, local companies can also benefit.”