AYLTLC aims to bring student leaders worldwide, through engaging activities, to enhance their abilities in cross-cultural interaction and cooperation, which will further equip them to be effective leaders. In addition, participants will be able to understand more about Singapore – a multiracial, multilingual and multicultural society from various perspectives. Nevertheless, what they will learn here may not only be unique to Singapore, but also applicable to their home countries as well as the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.


Registration Timeline

Round 1: 5th Sept – 1st Oct 2019

Round 2: 5th Oct – 1st Dec 2019

Round 3: 5th Dec – 1st Jan 2020


Application Method

There are two ways to apply for AYLTLC 2020:

  1. The applicant can register online through the online application system of our website www.ayltlc.com
  2. The applicant can find the application form at the Download page of our website. And submit the application form to register@ayltlc.com after completing it.


Fees Description

Registration Fee: SGD 80 per person

Program Fee: SGD 880 per person

It includes:

  • Hotel Reception
  • Camp Materials (Camp Handbook, Name Tags and Certificates etc)
  • Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Learning Sessions, Travel Sessions and Presentation Session
  • Transportation (For relevant Travel and Learning Sessions in Singapore)
  • 4 nights’ accommodation (with Breakfast)
  • Welcome Luncheon (x 2)
  • Other Miscellaneous Services


For the details, please refer to the information brochure (AYLTLC 2020 Brochure).