Faculty of Business Administration

AIM Seminar

Big Data Analysis and Application in the Age of Internet


Prof. Binhui WANG

School of Management

Jinan University



With the continuous development of Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, a large amount of data, the mining and application of these large amounts of data, the urgent need for people to master the analysis of data technology, human beings are fully entering the era of big data analytics. As a result, the data science integrating statistics, computer science and mathematics has sprung up around the world.  Data science has become a science across the natural and social sciences. This talk gives a brief introduction of data science from three aspects: Big Data in the Age of Internet, Data Science Teaching and Learning, and Big Data Analysis and Application.

Date:               19 Dec 2019 (Thu)

Time:              10:00-11:00

Venue:            E22-2010



Prof. WANG is currently the Director of the National Experimental Teaching Center for Economic Management and the Director of the Business Big Data Analysis Center in School of Management at Jinan University. He has published more than 100 teaching and scientific research papers and completed more than 30 projects at both national and provincial levels. He has won the Scientific and Technological Progress Award three times. He has published 3 3 academic monographs and 12 textbooks, and developed 15 sets computer softwares for multimedia courses. He has rick experience in teaching R and Python programming.