Dear student,

As a Year 3 / Final Year students of BSc in Accounting student or current students of MSc in Accounting in University of Macau, you are now eligible to enroll the ACCA Accelerate Programme which provides you a fast track to sit ACCA Professional Papers exams before graduation. In addition, there will be exclusive financial support offered to you through this programme.

The ACCA Accelerate Programme allows you to:

* potentially complete the ACCA Qualification earlier and no need to wait until you graduate to claim exemptions;

* get yourself on a fast track to become an accounting and finance professional with a qualification which is highly recognised by employers worldwide;

* enrich your CV with added credentials that keep you stand out from the job hunting competition.

* enjoy exemption fees and two years subscription fees waiver

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the league and prepare ahead for a promising future! To find out more information about the Accelerate Programme, you are invited to Join our information session for face-to-face consultation. Click HERE to register for this session:

Date: 27 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Venue: E22-G012, University of Macau
Target Audiences: Year 3 / Final Year students of BSc in Accounting or current students of MSc in Accounting

We look forward to seeing you in the seminar.

FBA General Office