If you have a chance to restart your university, how will you choose to be?

You will probably study very hard and get a good grade;
Or you will probably join different clubs and activities;
Or you will probably tell a person what you feel indeed;

We do not know how you will choose to be. However, we would like to invite all of you to see how we will choose.

This year, FBASA is using ochYouthoch to be the topic of this big event-FBA DAY. We have designed a fantastic drama with different types of show in between. Moreover, you can enjoy the talent show and be participated in lucky draw. We are just waiting for you! Details are as below:
Date: 23 November 2015 (Monday) Approach Time: 18:30
Time: 19:00Location: University Hall (N2)Price: 20mop

The awards of lucky draw:
 iPhone 6S 16G
 Casio EX TR60 Camera
 PS4 Play Station
 1000mop gift card from bank of China

Awards of Talent Show
 Popularity Prize : 2000 mop

The way to get tickets:
 Counter: 11.10~11.20 E21-FAH-G floor
E21-FSS-G floor
E22-FBA-G floor
E4-G-F03 (next to the Food Paradise)
 Residential college:

For more details please check:
Wechat subscription: fbasa_umsu , Facebook page: FBASA & Instagram : FBASA_UM
Please do not hesitate to join it and we look forward to seeing you on 23 November 2015.