1Movie Sharing – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
​Date:November 17, 2014
​Time:20:00 – 22:00

Now, you are able to acquire financial knowledge as well as blend learning and entertainment via enjoying the interesting film. The students who are enthusiastic infinance, you cannot miss this opportunity! Interested students please fill in the online registration form, and we expect you to enjoy.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room recorded the largest business scandals on the Wall Street. This movie exposed how a group of senior managers who areextremely intelligent coped with the seventh largest US companies and easily swept away billions of US dollars. This incident triggered so many investors lose everythingas well as thousands of employees lost their occupation.

The film was produced according to the best-selling book `The Smartest Guys in the Room’. It utilized interviews with pictures, sound recordings, data within the enterprise, and even exposed the Bush family’s involvement. The content possessed with a high degree of political explosion.
The Enron case caused a extremely huge impact. Not only the license of Arthur Andersen LLP (one of the world’s top five accounting firms) was revoked by the US Securities, but also its high- rated reputation was collapsed. It also triggered the reputation of internationally-renowned consultancy firm McKinsey & V declined substantially. Besides, the world’s leading business schools focus on not only the profit maximization, but also teaching the business students ethics and morality. The multinational companies also prefer “corporate governance” and they need to earn back the investors’ confidence. This film won an Oscar nomination in 2006. In addition, the former Enron chairman and chief executive was formally indicted in Boston.

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2)Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Seminar
​Date:November 18, 2014
​Time:17:30 – 19:30
Introduction: Chartered Financial Analyst is internationally deemed as the professional qualification of the financial investment industry and is also recognized as the highest certificate in the United States and the global business world. Therefore, it is extremely significant to the students who are interest in or want to be competitive in the financial industry. As a Finance Society, it is compulsory for us to guide the students to have a deep and clear understanding on CFA. So we invited the Mr. Neil Govier to commence the CFA seminar to let the students know how to be the CFA.

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3)The Exhibition of Financial Knowledge
​Date:November 17~21, 2014
​Venue:The lobby at FBA-E22
​Intoduction:Our society is going to introduce what is ”Finance” via the amusing exhibition.