The 3rd Business Knowledge Competition organized by Macao Foundation, TDM (Teledifusão de Macau S.A.) and Union of Associations of Professional Accountants of Macau was held on March 30, 2014 at the Macao Forum. Two UM teams won thechampionship and the first runner-up in the Finals respectively.

Participating Higher Education Institutes:

    • University of Macau
    • Macao Polytechnic Institute
    • Escola Superior das Forças de Segurança de Macau
    • Macao University of Science and Technology
    • City University of Macau
    • University of Saint Joseph
    • Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau
    • Macau Institute of Management

Members of the champion team:

    • Mr. Qiu Chengle (FBA Financial Controllership major)
    • Ms. Zou Zijun (FBA Financial Controllership major)
    • Ms. Yu Jiawen (FBA Financial Controllership major)
    • Mr. Hou Fangshuo (FBA Financial Controllership major)
    • Ms. Cheong San San (FBA Marketing major)

Members of the first runner-up team:

    • Mr. Lei Sio Chou (FBA Finance major)
    • Ms. Si Teng Na (FBA Marketing major)
    • Mr. Cheng Man Teng (FBA Finance major)
    • Ms. Io Kuai Si (FBA Human Resources Management major)
    • Mr. Fong Ka Kin (FBA Marketing major)

We would like to show our sincere gratitude to the Supervisor, Dr. Simon So, Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences in FBA, who gave guidance and support to the teams. Beside, many thanks to the instructors, alumni and students who gave tutorial, suggestion and support to the teams.

Let’s congratulate the UM teams!

Presentation Session in the Finals given by the champion team (from left to right: Mr. Qiu Chengle, Ms. Zou Zijun, Ms. Cheong San San, Ms. Yu Jiawen, Mr. Hou Fangshuo)

Presentation Session in the Finals given by the first runner-up team (from left to right: Mr. Cheng Man Teng, Mr. Fong Ka Kin, Ms. Si Teng Na, Ms. Io Kuai Si, Mr. Lei Sio Chou)

Group Photo with the Organizers