Dr. Jie WU, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), University of Macau (UM), and Associate Professor Nitin Pangarkar of the Department of Business Policy of National University of Singapore (NUS) have received the Best Doctoral Paper Award in the 6th Asia Academy of Management Conference “The New Faces of Asia Management” with their coauthored paper titled “Competition, Collaboration, and Innovation: An Integrative View”. The award indicates that the potential of UM scholars as their research has been internationally acknowledged.

In this paper, the writers proposed that the interaction between collaboration and competition would be a better predictor of innovation than either of these variables on a standalone basis. Besides, they also thought that competition is a source of knowledge that can be exploited through collaboration. Moreover, the paper hypothesized that the interactive effect of competition and collaboration will be stronger in high technology industries than low technology industries. According to the analysis of survey data obtained from 738 Chinese firms across from five manufacturing industries (electronic equipments, electronic components, consumer goods, vehicles and vehicle parts and apparel and leather goods), the writers found support for the key predictions of the model presented in this paper. Specifically, for high technology industries, the interactive effect of high competition and high collaboration leads to high innovation, and this similar effect could not be observed in medium technology industries.

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