Master of Science in International Integrated Resort Management aims to provide students an opportunity to learn both the gaming and non-gaming operations within an integrated resort content. Students will be able to apply the integrated resort knowledge anywhere in the world.

Programme Intended Learning Outcome

  • PILO 1. Demonstrate an awareness of issues in integrated resorts from an international perspective.
  • PILO 2. Formulate organizational strategies for integrated resorts.
  • PILO 3. Effectively communicate with guests and colleagues in the hospitality and gaming industry.
  • PILO 4. Locate and extract relevant information from available resources and translate them into research data.
  • PILO 5. Identify research problems pertaining to the hospitality and gaming industry and develop a research design to solve the problems.
  • PILO 6. Interpret and analyze relevant professional and academic literature.
  • PILO 7. Analyze primary and secondary data from the hospitality and gaming industry by using appropriate analytical tools.

Programme Duration and Medium of Instruction

The normative study period of the programme is 2 years. The medium of instruction is English. Classes will mainly be held on weekday evenings and on weekends.

Admission Requirements

Admission will be in accordance with the Admission Regulations Governing Master’s Degree and Postgraduate Certificates/Diploma Programmes of the University. Applicants are required to provide a testimonial of English as the medium of instruction issued by their undergraduate university or TOEFL, IELTS or CET6 scores as a proof of English proficiency. Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for more details:

Programme Structure

Students should complete six compulsory courses, four required elective courses and a project report with successful Project Report Presentation to fulfill the graduation requirements. Students are required to complete 36 credits and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above for graduation.

Lecture Schedule

MSc in International Integrated
Resort Management Programme
Lecture Schedule Textbook Information

The internship programme is designed for MSc in IIRM students who have no prior working experience in the hospitality sector. The aim of this programme is to allow these students to get familiar with the hospitality work settings and better prepare them for their chosen career path after graduation. Students undergoing the internship will be based in a company whose focus is cognate with the gaming and hospitality industry. The nature of the internship will vary depending on the requirements of the company. Students are responsible for searching for and applying to their own placements. However, the theme, activities and time of engagement must be agreed upon by the instructor, the employer and the student.

Students in this internship are directly supervised by professionals in the company, who directly communicate with the FBA internship coordinator. While each internship differ depending on the type of the company, situation, and duration, course instructor will guide and assist the students through their professionally-oriented learning experiences. After completing this internship, students are expected to advance their communicational skills and have a better understanding of the industry in order to develop organizational strategies for integrated resorts.


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