BSc in Finance 2.5 + 2.5 Dual-degree Programme with Fudan University


The purpose of the Programme is to cultivate top local talent, especially the new generation from Macao, for the development of Macao’s modern financial industry. The Programme is co-operated between FBA at University of Macau (UM) and School of Economics at Fudan University (Fudan). The Programme adopts a “2.5+2.5” mode. Selected UM BSc in Finance Students (Students) will study in the UM in the first 2.5 years to obtain at least 81 credits to fulfill the requirements of BSc in Finance at UM. Students will further study in the Fudan for another 2.5 years to obtain at least 78 credits, to fulfill the graduation requirements at Fudan. If the students complete and fulfill the graduation requirements of UM and Fudan, he/she will be awarded two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Finance at UM and Bachelor of Economics at Fudan.

Fudan University is one of the top universities in the world and is ranked 34 in the QS World University Rankings 2023. The dual-degree programme in Finance with Fudan University will provide students with the knowledge of a standard undergraduate finance programme and also allow them to gain more knowledge on China’s financial industry. The Modern financial industry is one of four new industries for promoting the moderated diversification of the Macao economy. This dual-degree programme would be a great opportunity for our Finance students to develop their career in Macao and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Timeline of study

Who are qualified to apply?

Only local students* can apply for this dual-degree programme. The minimum cGPA in the first two years is 3.2. Students must complete the required courses before come to study in Fudan University, otherwise the students are unable to graduate within five years to obtain degrees. The application is subjects to final approval of University of Macau and Fudan University.

*Target Students:

  • Macao students (holders of both “Macao Resident Identity Card” and “Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents”); and
  • BSc in Finance students who were admitted in academic year 2020/2021 onwards (FNC20); and
  • Students who are in good academic standing.

Programme and curriculum (For reference only)


  學科單元/科目 學分
ACCT1000 財務會計原理 3
BECO1000 微觀經濟學原理 3
BECO1001 宏觀經濟學原理 3
BECO2000 中級經濟學 3
FINC2003 公司理財 3
FINC3000 衍生證券 3
FINC3001 財務報表分析與公司估值 3
FINC3004 投資組合管理 3
FINC4009 金融建模 3
ISOM1004 應用微積分 3
ISOM2002 統計與資料分析 3
ISOM2005 線性代數 3
ISOM3029 C++電腦編程 3
MGMT1000 商業管理原理 3
MGMT2000 商業傳意 3
MGMT3003 策略管理 3
MKTG2000 市場學原理 3
CPED courses 社群教育科目 3
語言與技能科目2/自由選修科目2 6-15
GE courses 通識教育科目1 21
總學分 81-90


  1. 包括通識教育核心科目︰定量推理(商學)(GEST1001);澳門與中華文明(GEGA1000);道德、價值觀、法律與社會 (GESB1000) ;中國語言與文化(GELH1000),以及9學分的通識教育選修科目(GEST, GESB and GELH elective courses)。
  2. 學生於15個學分的語言與技能科目中,- 如獲豁免修讀其中之學分,學生可以利用復旦大學修讀的科目申請學分轉移最多9個學分,餘下之學分學生須於澳門大學修讀自由選修科目以補足其豁免之學分。


  學科單元/科目 學分
SOSC120008 政治經濟學 3
ECON130001 概率論與數理統計 3
ECON130212 經濟史 3
ECON130005 財政學 3
ECON130010 當代中國經濟 3
ECON130019 國際經濟學 3
ECON130213 計量經濟學 4
ECON130011 產業經濟學 3
ECON130030 金融市場學 3
ECON130226 投資學 3
ECON130003 國際金融 3
ECON130221 金融風險管理與金融工程 3
ECON130222 金融學經典文獻選讀與寫作 2
ECON130016 社會實踐 2
ECON130017 畢業論文 4
ECON130007 貨幣銀行學 3
ECON130139 中級財務會計 3
ECON130220 經濟金融中的隨機分析方法 3
ECON130029 商業銀行業務與管理 3
多元發展課程—專業進階路徑—專業進階模塊I(B組)1,2 8-21
多元發展課程—專業進階路徑—專業進階模塊II1 0-13
總學分 78


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  2. 修讀“多元發展課程—專業進階路徑—專業進階模塊I(B組)”的要求將於該大學網頁內公佈。


This webpage is intended only to provide some basic information for the potential applicants of the dual-degree programme. The information is subject to change from time to time, and the Faculty and Department of Finance and Business Economics reserves the right to updates the programme and make adjustments.


Answer: Yes, in the 1st semester of each academic year the department will inform the year one and year two local students for the briefing.

Answer: Yes, but you have to withdraw from the specialization of financial engineering as the dual-degree programme only apply to students without declare of specialization.

Answer: No, you only need to pay the tuition fee at Fudan University.

Answer: The students have to fulfill all basic requirements. The selection committee in the department will interview the students and make the final decision.

Answer: Yes, you can come back to UM to continue the BSc in Finance programme. You will only obtain the BSc in Finance degree from UM if fulfill the graduation requirements. Kindly be reminded for the risk of delayed graduation.


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