Faculty of Business Administration

Visiting Scholar Seminar


Bank efficiency comparison for three Chinese regions: A two-stage data envelopment analysis

Prof. Lei PENG

Assistant Professor

Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai


Date: 27 November 2020 (Friday)

Time: 15:00-16:00

Venue: E22-4069


We conduct a bank efficiency comparison between three Chinese regions: Mainland China (CN), Hong Kong (HK), and Macao (MO). It investigates the reasons for efficiency differences observed in the three regions from the within-region and cross-region perspectives. We observe that banks in HK and MO, albeit efficient within their own jurisdictions, still lag the “best practice” of banking sectors across regions, so that there is room for performance enhancement via regional integration. In our paper, the determinants of bank efficiencies are found to be similar in some respects but different in others among the three Chinese regions.


Dr. Peng Lei is an Assistant Professor from Logistics School, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai. She has published four papers in Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance (Issues and Practice), Applied Economics Letters, Nang Yan Business Journal, and Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. She has also published seven academic papers in domestic journals in Chinese.