On Right-to-Repair and Operation Management of Service Systems

Prof. Jinting WANG
Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor
Central University of Finance and Economics

Date: 17 August 2023 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Venue: E22 – G015
Host: Prof. Zhaotong LIAN, Professor in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Online registration: https://umac.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6g7ETogWVnrBbBY



Manufacturer’s monopoly on the repair market is commonly observed in practice. Information monopoly behavior makes the service provider difficult to conduct an effective independent repair enabling the service facility recover smoothly after system failure. In addition, frequent repairs by manufacturer trigger the environmental issues. The right to repair (RTR) movement proposed in recent years somewhat changes this situation through legal limitation of the manufacturers, forcing them to disclose the technic information for repair. This talk intends to build a multi-stage queueing model and consider the following research issues: 1) From the perspective of service providers, can RTR bring benefit when independent maintenance by a third-party maintenance service is not completely reliable; 2) From the perspective of consumers, how does a hospital balance the stability of equipment work and repair speed to ensure the maximization of consumer welfare; 3) From the perspective of social planners, whether there are maintenance policies that can balance service providers’ revenue and consumer utility, and if not, whether there are solutions that can improve overall social welfare. The talk tries to present a detailed analysis and evaluation of the impact of the RTR on the operations management of service systems, providing a theoretical basis for further integrating diverse management methods and improving the level of maintenance management for service systems.


Prof. Jinting Wang is the Malong-Scholar Distinguished Professor and the Associate Dean of the School of Management Science and Engineering at the Central University of Finance and Economics. He is also the Deputy Director of the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Financial Security and Education, the Chief Scientist of the Central University of Finance and Economics, the President of the Reliability Branch of China Operation Research Society, and the Executive Director of China Operation Research Society. He is engaged in research and teaching in operations research and management, queueing economics, reliability management, supply chain optimization, and management, etc. Led and completed four general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one Youth Fund project, and nearly 20 New-Century-Talent-Plan Projects of the Ministry of Education. The research results have been published in international academic journals, including Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Research, Queueing Systems, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, IEEE Transactions, and more than 150 papers (including 110 SCI search papers and more than 30 SSCI search papers). In 2016, he published the monograph “The Basis of Queueing Game Theory” (Science Press, independent).

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