Faculty of Business Administration



ICT and Corporate Governance

        Prof. Qiang YE

        Dean and Professor, School of Management

       Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China


Prof. Runhui LIN

        Professor in organization and management

       Nankai University, China


Date: 10 December 2020 (Thursday)

Time: 10:00-12:30

Venue: E22-G012

This event is to discuss and explore the use of Internet and other ICT by companies and their investors and its implications for corporate governance. There have been rapid information technology developments (such as ERP, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet). Their application to businesses raises many interesting and important issues. How such technologies are being used? What are their organizational and social effects? In particular, how companies’ corporate governance structure and practice take advantage of, or adapt to their application? How is companies’ corporate governance affected? These fundamental issues require careful examination. This forum aims to answer some of these questions.

Keynote Speech 1: The Heterogeneity of Online Searches in Stock Markets

Prof. Qiang YE, Harbin Institute of Technology


Existing studies propose Internet search activity as a direct and timely measure of investor attention. This study explores search time heterogeneity to capture different types of cognitive tasks behind search. Weekends afford retail investors more time for the type of deliberate and persistent search that is essential in planning trading actions, while work and market fluctuations during weekdays prompt more casual and transient search. Using the daily search volume index (SVI) from Google Trends and Baidu index, this study distinguishes online searches on weekends from weekdays and show that weekend search is more powerful in predicting stock returns. The predictive power of weekend search is stronger in the absence of surges in transient search volume. The findings are consistent with the notion that weekend search is more deliberate and persistent, and thus better captures retail investor attention that leads to trading action.

Keynote Speech 2: The Influence Mechanism of Blockchain on Organization Governance

Prof. Runhui Lin, Nankai University


With the emergence and prevalence of blockchain, the importance of blockchain on organization governance has been progressively coming into a head. Blockchain is a technical solution integrating multiple technologies such as distributed storage, encryption algorithm and consensus mechanism, which has the potential to provide a technical solution for overcoming the drawbacks in organization governance. The core question addressed in this paper is how blockchain revolutionizes aspects of organization governance. To address this question, we systematically summarize the theoretical research and typical applications of blockchain in the field of organization governance (enterprise governance, inter-firm governance, government governance and social governance). With the analysis of theory and practice, this paper sums up the four mechanisms of the effect of blockchain on organization governance (security mechanism, consensus mechanism, trust mechanism, coordination mechanism), and further sketches out a model of transaction upgrading of organization governance based on blockchain. Finally, the application challenges of blockchain in organization governance are analyzed from perspectives of organization, technology and environment. The paper discusses the isomorphism of mechanism and consistency of goals between functional structure of blockchain and process analysis of organization governance with the purpose that blockchain demonstrates a potential for realizing “good governance” of organization governance.


Dr. Qiang Ye is Professor and Dean of the School of Management at Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Ye has been Senior Editor of Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Area Editor of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications and guest Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly. His research areas of interest include Big Data and Business Analytics, Finance Technology (FinTech), e-Commerce, and, e-Tourism, et al. His research published in journals including Information Systems Research, Production Operations Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, Tourism Management, and Journal of Futures Markets, et al. Dr. Ye has been listed as Elsevier Most Cited Chinese Researchers in years from 2015 to 2019.

Dr. Runhui Lin is a Professor in Organization and Management of Business School, Nankai University, and Director of Network Governance Center of China Academy of Corporate Governance (CACG), Associate Director of Selten Laboratory of Nankai University (Named after and supported by Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Selten and devoted to experimental economics and management). He was (is) also a visiting scholar at Harvard University (2004-2005), member of such academic associations both domestic and abroad as Academy of Management (AOM), Association for Information Systems(AIS), research fellow of several academic institutes, adviser of several corporations, and outside director of several company including Tianjin Port (Group) Co.,Ltd and Tianijin Guoxing Capital Co. Ltd.  He serves as the peer reviewer of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), AOM annual meetings and some top management journals in China. He received his Ph.D. in Management Sciences. His research focuses on network organizations and governance, corporate governance of Chinese MNCs, technology and innovation management, information security governance, and system analysis of complex organization systems and management systems, and network analysis methodology. He has published over 140 papers and 12 books in Chinese and English in the above fields. He taught MBA, EMBA and graduate students “Information technology management”, “E-business in China” and “Internationalization and corporate governance of Chinese enterprises” in Chinese and English for many students.


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