Associate Professor in Finance
  • Ph.D. Finance, Singapore Management University (2017)
  • M.A., Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (2013)
  • B.B.A., Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (2011)
  • B.S., Computer Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2011)
  • Assistant Professor, Fanhai International School of Finance & School of Economics, Fudan Univeristy (Aug. 2017- Aug. 2022)
  • 2018 FISF Research Award
  • 2015 Financial Management Association (FMA)
    Semifinalist Best Paper Awards
  • 2013-2017 Doctoral Full Scholarship
    Singapore Management University
  • 2014-2015 Travel Funding
    Office of Research, Singapore Management University
  • Fanhai International School of Finance & School of Economics, Fudan University
    • Corporate Finance: 2017 Autumn, 96/100 (graduate, 67 students)
    • Securities Investment: 2017 Autumn, 92/100 (graduate, 75 students)
    • Portfolio Investment: 2018 Spring, 97/100 (undergraduate, 35 students)
    • Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity:
      • 2019 Spring, 4.67/5 (graduate, 34 students);
      • 2020 Spring, Class A 4.78/5 (graduate, 40 students); 2020 Spring, Class B 4.17/5 (graduate, 34 students);
      • 2021 Spring, Class A 4.84/5 (graduate, 55 students); 2021 Spring, Class B 4.78/5 (graduate, 50 students); 2021 Fall, 4.92/5 (graduate, 62 students)
    • Structured Finance Product: 2020 Autumn, 4.91/5(graduate, 29 students); 2021 Spring, 4.85/5(graduate, 40 students)
    • Market Microstructure and Chinese Stock Market: 2021 Fall, 4.90/5(graduate, 40 students)
  • 2022 One Road One Belt Initiates in Yiwu, RMB 75,000 (PI)
  • 2021 Fudan University Original Research Project, RMB 70,000 (PI)
  • Corporate finance
  • International finance
  • Innovation
  • Chinese financial markets
  1. Modern Pandemics: Recession and Recovery, with Chang Ma and John Rogers, Journal of the European Economics Association, forthcoming.
  2. Soft Activism and Corporate Dividend Policy: Evidence from Institutional Investors Site Visits, with Xiaping Cao and Hanyang Wang, 2022, Journal of Corporate Finance.
  3. IPO Underpricing and Mutual Fund Allocation: New Evidence from Registration System, with Feifan Sun, Chen Yin and Zijin Zhu, International Review of Financial Analysis, 2022, 84: 102405.
  4. Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Corporate Information Release in China, with Jerry Cao, Yuchen Wang, 2018, Journal of Corporate Finance, 49: 186-203.
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  11. Does FDI Drive Economic Growth? Evidence from City Data in China, with Weijun Wu, Ling Yuan, Xiaoming Wang, Xiaping Cao, 2019, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade.1-14.
  1. The Effect of the China Connect, with Chang Ma and John Rogers,
  2. Who Leads and Who Follows? The Cross-Border Peer Effect in Investment by Chinese and U.S. Firms, with Warren Bailey, Xiaping Cao and Zhenyi Yang
  3. From Export to Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms, with Shuyu Xue and Douglas Cumming.
  1. 2022 The 5th International Conference of China Development Studies, CCER Summer Institute 2022
  2. 2021 Economic Growth and Fluctuation, Summer Institute 2021, The 3rd China International Forum on Finance and Policy, CICF 2021*, CCER Summer Institute 2021, China International Risk Forum, China Meeting of the Econometric Society, Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Royal Economic Society 2021 Annual Meeting, Annual Meeting of the American Finance Association, Annual Meeting of AEA/ASSA*
  3. 2020 The 3rd Chinese Finance Scholar Conference, Macroeconomics Seminar 2020*, IMF*, Conference on World Economy Under the Cloud of Trade Disputes: New Challenges*, Bank of Finland (BOFIT) Seminar, Federal Reserve Board*, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Seminar
  4. 2019 The 13th Joint Economics Symposium of Six Leading East Asian Universities, China Conference of CEA, Nanchang Macro Finance Conference*, CICF, ABFER, The 2nd Fanhai-Shanghai Stock Exchange Joint Finance Workshop*, Five-Star Finance Workshop*, IMF*, The 6th International Conference on The Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future
  5. 2018 China Meeting of the Econometric Society, The 1st Fanhai Economics and Finance workshop, the 3rd Fanhai Economics and Finance workshop, International Corporate Governance Society*, 2018 China Financial Market Conference, The 1st Fanhai-Shanghai Stock Exchange Joint Finance Workshop
  6. 2017 IFABS Asia Ningbo China Conference, 6th International Conference on Futures and Other Derivatives
  7. 2016 Asian Finance Association (Asian FA) Annual Meeting, 1st China Derivatives Markets Conference, Asia Pacific Economic Seminar, 7th Emerging Markets Finance Conference, Durham Business International Conference on Financial Development and Economic Stability*, Annual Conference of Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives
  8. 2015 Financial Management Association (FMA) Annual Meeting*, International Conference in Finance (CICF), Florida State University Suntrust Beach Conference, IFABS Oxford Corporate Finance Conference, Ph.D. Conference in Xiamen University, ABFER 3rd Annual Conference, World Finance Conference*
  9. 2014 27th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference*, Auckland Finance Meeting*
  1. 2022 School of Economics, University of Macau (to be scheduled)
  2. 2021 School of Economics, Shanghai Tech University; School of Economics, Fudan University
  3. 2019 School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  4. 2018 School of Management, Fudan University; School of Finance, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
  5. 2017 Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sun University