The UM FBA Currency Museum was featured with the TDM Canal Macau program “OUR PEOPLE, OUR LIFE” which introduces and promotes Macau’s customs, cultures and people’s livelihood and has been launched for more than ten years since the program was established, and Prof. Henry LEI, Associate Head of Department of Finance and Business Economics and Assistant Professor in Business Economics, was invited to introduce and share the background of the Currency Museum on 2 September 2022.

As Prof. LEI mentioned, the university’s intention for setting up this currency museum is because many of the FBA courses are related to currencies and banking. Hence, the currency museum has been set up to allow students who are interested in the history of the currency to visit the museum and gain a deeper understanding of it.

Additionally, he provided an overview of the museum which houses a wide array of rare coins and banknotes, including those from the times of ancient China and the Republic of China. Besides, the long history of currencies found in Western countries and Asia are also presented, which could provide an insight into the development of Macao’s banking industry.

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