Associate Professor in Integrated Resort and Tourism Management
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology , China, 1999
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, Lanzhou University , China, 1994
  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, Lanzhou University , China, 1991
  • Research Fellow, National University of Singapore (July 2003-Sept. 2003)
  • Senior Consultant, Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy (Singapore, May 1999- June 2003)
  • Senior Research Staff, National University of Singapore (Jan 1999- May 1999)
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Quantitative Decision Making (MSOR370)
    • Casino Mathematics (QMDS302)
    • Data Analysis for Tourism and Hospitality Management (GAHM416)
    • Operations Research I, II (MSOR330, MSOR331)
    • Operations Management (MSOR340, QMDS311)
    • Probability and Statistics (MSOR220)
    • Statistical Inference (MSOR221)
    • Statistics I (MSOR210)
    • Mathematics and Operation of Casino Games (GMCM202)
    • Gaming Machine Management (GMCM204)
  • Graduate Courses
    • Research Method (MIRM606)
    • Business Decision Tools (IMBB109)
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (IMBB135)
  • Health Care
  • Chinese Outbound Travelers
  • Hospitality management
  • Tourism Management
  • Management Science
  • Supply Chain Design and Management
  • Logistics Management and Design
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Developing a harmonious index for tourism development of characteristic towns, MYRG2018-00082-FBA, PI
  • A framework for sustainable development of tourist city, MYRG2014-00054-FBA, PI
  • Their Motivation, Information Sources, Decision Process, Constraints, Behavoir, Experiences and Satisfaction, MYRG080(Y1-L2)-FBA11-LXM, PI
  • Revenue Analysis of Table Games in Macau, ISCG 2009-2010, PI
  • Dynamic Pricing and Lead-time Quotation, UMAC 2004-2005, PI
  • Study of the Discriminatory Processor Sharing Queue and its Optimal Priority Pricing, UMAC 2005, CO-PI
  • Slot Machine Analysis, UMAC, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR, RG001/07-08S/LXM/FBA,PI
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