Assistant Professor in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering,  University of Missouri at Rolla, U. S. A., 1982
  • Master of Science, Civil Engineering,  University of Missouri at Rolla, U. S. A., 1984
  • Master of Business Administration, Quantitative Management Science, University of Missouri at Saint Louis, U. S. A., 1987
  • Assistant Professor of Management Science, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau (September 1988 to present)
  • Head of Academic Affairs Bureau, University of Macau (September 1995 to August 1996)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Engineering Management, University of Missouri at Rolla (January 1988 to July 1988)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Engineering Mechanics and Department of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla (January 1983 to June 1985)
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Statistics and Data Analysis (QMDS200)
    • Quantitative Decision Analysis (QMDS300)
    • Project and Quality Management (QMDS400)
    • Operations Research I  (MSOR330)
    • Operations Research II  (MSOR331)
    • Statistics I  (MSOR210)
    • Statistics II  (MSOR211)
    • Quantitative Decision Making (MSOR370)
    • Operations Management (MSOR340)
  • Graduate Courses
    • Mathematics and Statistics (IMBB001)
    • Decision Tools for Business (IMBB109)
    • Mathematical Models
    • China Business Seminar and Field Study
  • Operations Research
  • Operations and Logistics Management
  • Forecasting
  • Quality Management of Higher Educational Institutions
  1. Consumer Survey on Programs of the Macau Cultural Centre, funded by the Bel Canto Co. Ltd., 2002, Principal Investigator
  2. Traffic Study, funded by the Flying Dragon Investment and Development Company, 2001, Principal Investigator
  3. Assessment of Macau’s Logistics Industry and Strategies for Development, funded by the Macau Shippers’ Association, 2004, Co-investigator
  4. A Study of Macau’s Technology Intermediary Services, funded by the Science and Technology Committee of the Macau SAR Government, 2004, Co-investigator
  1. Quality Movement in Higher Education—Specialized Accreditation as a Strategic Tool for Institutional Self-assessment and Development