Prof. Hung Wan Kot

Assistant Professor in Finance

Faculty of Business Administration
University of Macau, E22
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

Contact Information

Room: E22-4053
Telephone: (853) 8822-4843
E-mail: hungwankot
  • Ph.D. in Finance, HKUST, 2004
  • BBA (Hons) in Finance, Hong Kong Baptist University, 1998
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong (Sep. 2016 – Aug. 2017)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University (Sep. 2006 – Aug. 2016)
  • Lecturer (permanent), Department of Finance, University of Waikato (Jan. 2005 – Aug. 2006)
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Portfolio Management (FINC411)
    • Mergers and Acquisitions (City University of Hong Kong)
    • Financial Systems, Markets, and Instruments (City University of Hong Kong)
    • Investment Management (HKBU)
    • Multinational Finance (HKBU)
    • Financial Management (HKBU)
    • International Finance (University of Waikato)
    • Derivative Securities (University of Waikato)
    • Fundamentals of Business Finance (HKUST)
  • Graduate Courses
    • Corporate Finance (FINC710)
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (MBA and MSc in Putonghua teaching in Mainland China) (HKBU)
    • Derivatives I (University of Waikato)
  • Short selling, index revision, cross-listing, higher moments, name changes, IPOs, M&A, international markets
  • Principal investigator, General Research Fund, 2015, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (Project title: Does information environment change after reverse dual-listing?, Project No: 12501215, HK$278,000, with Lewis Tam).
  • Principal investigator, General Research Fund, 2013, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (Project title: Long-term performance after reverse cross-listing: Evidence from Chinese and Israeli stocks, Project No: 291213, HK$151,973, with Lewis Tam).
  • Principal investigator, General Research Fund, 2008, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (Project title: Short-sale constraints and A-H share premiums, Project No: 242408, HK$442,400, with Kalok Chan and Zhishu Yang).
  • Principal investigator, Faculty Research Grant, 2011, Hong Kong Baptist University (Project title: Changes of institutional ownership composition and pricing effects: Evidence from S&P 500 Index additions and deletions, FRG2/10-11/072, HK$99,000, with Kalok Chan and Gordon Y.N. Tang).
  • Principal investigator, Faculty Research Grant, 2008, Hong Kong Baptist University (Project title: Long-term performance of additions and deletions of Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, FRG/07-08/I-10, HK$49,700, with Gordon Y.N. Tang).
  • Principal investigator, Faculty Research Grant, 2007, Hong Kong Baptist University (Project title: The King’s new clothes? Price reaction of corporate name changes in the Hong Kong market, FRG/06-07/I-12, HK$42,820).
  • Principal investigator, Contestable Research Funds, 2005, The University of Waikato Management School (Project title: What determines the short interest level, NZ$2,800).
  • Winner of the Ph.D. Students’ Research Paper Competition, 2003, HKUST Business School.
  • Ph.D. Student Travel Award, 2003, AFA annual meeting in Washington D.C.
  • Research Travel Grant, 2002, 2003, HKUST.
  • Full postgraduate fellowship, 1999 – 2004, HKUST Business School.
  • Finalist for Citibank University Marketing Award, 1997, Citibank (Hong Kong).
  • The China and South Sea Bank Ltd. Scholarship, 1997, HKBU.
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  1. Forty financial articles (in Chinese ) are published on the Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, and Singtao Daily.
  • American Finance Association, Western Finance Association, Asian Finance Association, and Financial Management Association International