Assistant Professor in Decision Sciences
  • Ph.D., University of New South Wales, Australia
  • B.Math., University of Newcastle, U.K.
  • Undergraduate Courses
    • Quantitative Decision Analysis (ISOM3030)
    • Linear Algebra (ISOM2005)
    • Advanced Calculus (QMDS304)
    • Applied Calculus (QMDS105)
    • Logic and Reasoning (QMDS103)
    • Business Mathematics (QMDS100)
    • Forecasting Models in Business (MSOR380)
    • Advanced Business Mathematics (MSOR300)
    • Applied Mathematics for Economics (MSOR201)
    • Survey Calculus (MSOR103)
    • Business Forecasting (CBIS457)
  • Postgraduate Courses
    • Decision Tools for Business (IMBB109)
    • Mathematics and Statistics (IMBB001)
  • Internal Grants
    • Statistical Process Control of Process Dispersion When Parameters Are Unknown, funded by the Research Committee of University of Macau, 2006-2007, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Financial modeling
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in empirical finance and economics
  • Number theory
  • Combinatorics and asymptotic enumerations
  1. Fan, J, Shu, L., Zhao, H., and Yeung, H., Monitoring Multivariate Process Variability via Eigenvalues, Computer & Industrial Engineering, 2017, 113, 269-281.
  2. William Cheung, Keith S.K. Lam and Hang Fai Yeung, 2011, Intertemporal Profitability and the Stability of Technical Analysis: Evidences from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Applied Economics, Vol. 43, Issue15, pp 1945 – 1963.
  3. Lianjie Shu, Hang Fai Yeung and Wei Jiang, 2010, An adaptive CUSUM procedure for signaling process variance changes of unknown sizes, Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 42, No. 1, pp. 69-85.
  • Master Students
    • Chon Wai Lok, MBA 2016, Modeling and Forecasting Gross Gaming Revenue of Macau
    • Jie Wang, MBA 2008-2009, Credit rating classification of China listed company with self-organizing map and discriminant analysis.
    • Jin Xi Jiang, MBA 2007-2009, The application of control chart for technical trading in financial market.
    • Mei Teng Lei, MBA 2005-2008, Airline Operating Cost Estimation.
    • Si Qi Gong, MBA 2007-2008, The application of Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine in technical Analysis.
    • Hoi San Chen, MBA 2003-2005, Technical trading rule profitability using neural networks: The case of Hang Seng Daily Stock Returns.
    • Ka Seng Ho, MBA 2003-2004, Classification of risk for mortgage loans using discriminant analysis and neural network.
    • Chan Wa Lam, MBA 2002-2004, Competitiveness of the Hong Kong stock market
    • Kok Kun Chu, MBA 1999-2000, Nonlinear time series analysis of Chinese stock markets: Shanghai stock exchanges & Shenzhen stock exchanges